Individual Consulting


Bill Cunningham quote: Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.

STEP #1: 


Image. It starts with I am . Expand upon that  and you will uncover your real image.  

Explore your image influences, your heritage, your self-image, your passions and so much more.  Learn to see yourself clearly. Awareness will become acceptance.  When you accept yourself - your form, your colors and your unique physical attributes, you accept your image.  Workshops quoted by proposal.Individual consulting programs start at $650. 



STEP #2: 


Style  your image, passions, lifestyle  and budget to create your style. 

When your wardrobe is ready for your  life, confidence is around the corner. I edit, organize and create capsules in your closet so that you are ready for your life.

Get in and out of your closet in 5 minutes knowing that you look appropriate, comfortable and confident.

  Shopping to fill in, update and finish outfit in your wardrobe is the final phase . Complete this process with a Customized E-book of your looks.

Individual consulting programs start at $1,500



STEP #3: 


Brands begin with conviction and passion defined in practical terms as your mission statement.  Evolve through Steps #1 and #2 and you will have the materials to build your brand.  In order to carry your corporate or individual brand into the marketplace, you need to assess and refine your soft skills.  That means considering and adjusting your written, spoken and physical communication  skills and behaviors to reflect your mission and personality.   

Brand programs start in 3 month increments of $5,000.

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Corporate Consulting

Design Architect

Blending sounds soft, forgettable and just an equal part of a bigger whole.  True if you are trying to stand out as a star.   But wonder if you are the one trying to build a company and a culture.  As with any good design, the ingredients that make the best outcome don't overpower or shadow but rather blend chemically, organically and tastefully.  When you design your company logo, mission statement, products, team and physical imprint, you need to blend the parts to make a palatable result.  I work as Design Architect overseeing and blending all of these to create an ideological, aesthetic and functional whole.

Stand Out Corporate Consulting:

"Does Your Logo = Your Receptionist?"

"Putting the Check on the Table Before Dessert"

"Brands Cubed"

"Sales Trunk Sales"

"Translating Ideas to Images to Actions"


Building Consumer Brands