Image, Style and Brand Services



Image.  It's a state of being.  It starts with I.  An affirmation, I am.  I am .  Expand upon that sentence and you will begin to uncover your organic, authentic and real image.  

My From Birthday Suit to Business Suit™.  Let's work together to help you create your affirmation. We'll explore your image influences, your heritage, your self-image, your passions and so much more.  Affirmation comes from awareness. Awareness evolves into acceptance.  Affirmation is your stamp of self-acceptance.  When you accept yourself - your form, your colors and your unique physical attributes, you accept your image.  


Style evolves out of your mage. Integrate your image, passions, environment and budget to create your style.


Take your new style to work and let it work for you!



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