Do You Have a Multi-faceted Image to Catapult Your Brand and Career?

Image. Style. Brand.

These are the building blocks of 

confidence, clarity and success.

Image + Style = Brand


Professional Image

Image. We all have it. You find it when you acknowledge and appreciate your appearance: physical form, unique body colors, vocal delivery and natural movement. It comes from making peace with the thoughts, memories and feelings that occupy the space in your head when you transition From Birthday Suit to Business Suit™, confidence grows from clarity.

Are you ready to feel confident?

Multi-Faceted Style

Style. Style is built on confidence. Style is specific to your image, lifestyle, passions, environment and budget. Style surpasses fashion. It is substantial and essential to lasting impressions.  

Are you ready to fashion your style?

Professional Brand

Brand. A successful professional weaves their image and style into every aspect of their brand: appearance, behavior, communication and digital presence. It's grace personified! Take your new style to work and let it work for you! I'll share everything I know that led to my appear on Oprah, Today, CNN and CNBC as a gift, etiquette and lifestyle expert and as a national spokesperson for over 50 companies! 

Are you ready to integrate your brand?

About ACG

Building Connections


With 30 years of image and brand experience in the fashion, event, gift and public relations fields, I inspire individuals, professionals and associations to reflect, assess and  define their best selves.  After publishing my book, Modern Living and Modern Giving: Gift Giving for the 90's, I traveled across the states and sharing style advice, gift etiquette and  personal stories directly and indirectly in print, radio and television including Oprah, CNN, TODAY and CNBC. Whether delivering a keynote or facilitating a workshop or providing one-one-one consulting, I compel people to move from "their birthday suits to their business suits" with confidence, freeing them to focus their energies on their team, clients and work .

Image = I am


Our relationships with ourselves, others and our careers is a reflection of how we view ourselves.  It all starts on the inside. Think about it.  What happens in your head when you transition from your image from birthday suit to your business suit?  Understand the positive and negative conversations that you have with yourself before you step outside your closet so when you do you step in style confidently, comfortably and with purpose. Free yourself from your own self-doubt and you open yourself to positive energy and interactions. When your closet is edited and organized you will be Wardrobe Ready™ for your life.

Workshops and Keynotes

That's me!  I didn't make it to Broadway but I bring pizzazz to my presentations!

As a media personality and serial entrepreneur, I entertain and inform audiences with relevant, introspective and enlightening stories as inspiration them to find their own image and style.. The toniest of moments as a motivational speaker are when your goals, your audience, and my stories align.  Contact me to collaborate with you on your next presentation, launch, workshop or keynote.





Media Personality and Spokesperson

Andrea Claster Greenspan promoting her book, Modern Living and Modern Giving: Gift Giving for the 90's and  corporate clients on Oprah, Today, CNBC, CBS This Morning and more!

Corporate presentations

Andrea Claster Greenspan speaking at CFA Society of South Florida Career Development Panel: Shape Your Image and Transform; with Christopher D. Morgan, CFA; Maryam Mohajer; Christina Worley, CPA/PFS, CFP®, CFA; Laura Clement, CFA; Justin Govonlu, CFA

My Blog

I have spent my life striving for perfection, recognition, love and peace of mind.  Not an easy task and not one without good and bad consequences.  Welcome to my stories tailored from a life woven between demands of external perfection and the drama of emotional truth.  My memories are my internal wardrobe, available to outfit myself in feelings and colors of their impact. 

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